VRT™ Home Fire Extinguisher Kit for Instant Fire Suppression

Brand: WDN


  • Fast and Effective Fire Extinguish and Suppression System: An exceptional innovation in fire extinguishing methods, the Throwing Extinguisher liquid will block the oxygen and suffocate the fire within 5 seconds. Prevent the quick spread of fires with this powerful fire extinguisher!
  • Super Easy for ANYONE to Use: Anyone, from little kids to the elderly can use this system. Simply grab the teardrop shaped container and throw it into the fire. No need to shake first as powdered extinguishers require, which saves valuable time!
  • Property and Life Saving Safety Product: Prevent irreparable damage to your home and garage interior! This is simply the best fire extinguisher set! You can even open and pour the liquid onto your clothes, in case they’re on fire! Yes, it’s that safe!
  • Maintenance Free and Economical Method for Extinguishing Fires: The affordable set includes 4 containers of fire-extinguishing liquid, so it’s a fantastic and cost-effective value for any fire emergency! No maintenance required!
  • Decorative and Colorful Containers to Accent Your Home Décor: The colorful teardrop shaped bottles are accented with silver colored pointed tops. The modern design will accent most home decors.

model number: WSF-01

Part Number: WSF-01

Details: Have Peace of Mind Knowing You Are Protecting Your Family! Since you never know when a fire may break out, prepare your home and family! The Throwing Extinguisher safely extinguishes and suffocates fires by blocking oxygen. And, you only need to throw it directly at the flames or source of fire and within 5 seconds, the flames will die. Now that’s powerful protection. So Easy for People of Almost All Ages, Men and Women and Senior Citizens! Each fire-extinguishing capsule is lightweight enough for anyone to grab and throw! The bottle will break, allowing the liquid to quickly cover the flames and extinguish them fast! And, even better, there is no shaking involved to activate the ingredients, as is required with traditional powder filled extinguishers. CE APPOVED! CE is a certification that indicates conformity with health, safety, and environmental protection standards for products. Rigorously tested, this product has passed the highest standards for safety by professionals. Especially this product is effective against fires involving wood, paper, plastic, rubber, and cloth. Maintenance Free System with an Extended Expiration Date! Keep these fire suppressing liquid filled containers for a full 5 years. They’ll be just as effective 5 years from now as they are today. Just display them on shelves, store in cupboards or keep them on the mantel so they’re always handy when you need them most. Purchase the Throwing Extinguisher Today! Safeguard your family and home with the smart decision to buy the Throwing Extinguisher today.

Package Dimensions: 11.5 x 11.2 x 4.6 inches